Swimming Lessons at Bishan Swimming Complex

Infant Swimming Lessons – Toddler Swim Lessons – Kids Swimming Lessons

Swim Lessons For Babies

Infants: 6 months to 12 months old | Toddlers: 13 to 36 months old

A fun and safe approach to encouraging children to appreciate and enjoy the aquatic enviroment.

Through songs and games, children and parents alike participate in activities developed to inculcate water safety and build water confidence. Our Infant ProgrammeSign Up for a Trial Class

Learn to Swim Classes

Children from 3 to 6 years old to will be independent of their parents.

We believe children learn best in small classes.

At AquaBambinos, Our teacher to student ratio of 1:6 allows for safer supervision and better focus for the learning needs of an individual child in a group setting. During this stage, we focus on teaching water safety skills as well as basic swim strokes. Our Learn to Swim ProgrammeSign Up for a Trial Class

SwimSafer Programme

Our advanced swim classes are conducted at Public Swimming Complexes, or at the convenience of your own private pool.

SwimSafer Programme

SwimSafer is Singapore's National Water Safety Programme. Our coaches conduct SwimSafer lessons in public swimming complexes for children 6 years and older and/or have completed our in-house Swordfish Level. Our Advance ClassesSign Up for a Trial Class

Private Swim Classes

Our coaches are also able to conduct private kids swimming lessons from age 2 up, at the convenience of your own condo or private pool.