Our schools are located indoors, hence fully weather-proof!

Heated Swimming Pool

Our pools are heated to a comfortable temperature of 30 - 34 degrees Celcius. Sign Up for a Trial

Salt-Chlorinated Swimming Pool

Salt water chlorination is a process that uses electrolysis to break down dissolved salt (NaCl).

The resulting chemical reaction eventually produces the sanitizing agents already commonly used in swimming pools. The pool will not require direct addition of combined chlorine (chloramines), which are the irritants which give traditional pools the stigma of burning eyes and caustic smell. Sign Up for a Trial Class

Family Friendly Facilities

For the convenience of our students and parents

AquaBambinos Swim School offers lockers, hot water showers, changing rooms, baby changing tables and toilets, all furnished with the little ones in mind. There is also a children-friendly waiting area. Sign Up for a Trial Class

Our Philosophy

To impart our love for water to children and parents, while being confident and safe in it.

We love seeing babies and children enjoying themselves in the water!

It is crucial to teach water safety and build water confidence, so children know how to respond in a safe and calm manner. We teach babies/ children not to panic if they should fall into water, to kick to the surface and either hold on to the side or float on their backs. Sign Up for a Trial Class