Our swim classes provide a safe and supportive environment for learners of all ages to develop essential water skills and build confidence in the water.

Structured Swimming Lessons

Our lessons are conducted through the use of fun, games and structured SwimSafer 2.0 syllabus to ensure safety and progress of all our students Sign Up for a Trial

Babies Can Swim Too

Babies and Toddler Lessons

Our baby and toddler swim lessons are specifically designed to introduce young children to the joy of being in the water while focusing on their safety and comfort. Through interactive and engaging activities, our experienced instructors create a nurturing environment where infants and toddlers can explore and develop their water skills at their own pace. With gentle guidance and parental participation, we emphasize building water confidence, promoting motor skills, and fostering a positive association with swimming from an early age. These lessons not only provide a strong foundation for future swimming abilities but also create cherished bonding moments between parents and their little ones in the water. Sign Up for a Trial Class

Family Friendly Policies

For the convenience of our students and parents

We understand that unexpected illnesses can sometimes disrupt your child's routine and their ability to attend lessons. That's why we have implemented a flexible family policy that allows for makeup lessons when a child is sick. We prioritize the health and well-being of our students and believe that attending lessons while sick may not be in their best interest. Our aim is to accommodate families and provide a supportive experience that promotes both learning and the overall wellness of our students. Sign Up for a Trial Class

Our Philosophy

To impart our love for water to children and parents, while being confident and safe in it.

We love seeing babies and children enjoying themselves in the water!

It is crucial to teach water safety and build water confidence, so children know how to respond in a safe and calm manner. We teach babies/ children not to panic if they should fall into water, to kick to the surface and either hold on to the side or float on their backs. Sign Up for a Trial Class