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At AquaBambinos Swim School, our coaches are AUSTSWIM-certified to conduct infant swimming lessons (6 to 12 months), toddler swimming lessons (12 to 36 months) and children swimming lessons. AUSTSWIM is Australia’s national organisation for the teaching of swimming and water safety. 

Indoor Heated - Salt Chlorinated

Rain or shine, our swimming lessons continue in our indoor, heated pool.

Unlike other pools where chlorine powder is added directly into the water, at AquaBambinos Swim School, our water is added with salt (NaCl) and cleaned through a two-stage process. On the first stage, suspensions in the pool is filtered and passed through to the second stage whereby the water is sanitized by salt-chlorine. The salt in the water is broken down into chlorine by passing electricity through the filtered water.

Small Group Classes

At AquaBambinos Swim School, we want to allow every infant, toddler and children to have ample time to explore the aquatic environment, therefore our infant swimming lessons and toddler swimming lessons are kept to a teacher-student ratio of one teacher to six parent-child pairs in a half-hour session.

Children swimming lessons are kept to a ratio of 1 teacher to 5 children in a half-hour session.


At AquaBambinos Swim School, we offer hot showers, toilets and baby changing stations. There is a children friendly waiting area too.

Family Oriented

AquaBambinos Swim School is a family centric organization. We understand that your children may fall sick or you may be planning for overseas holiday, kindly inform us via email or contact us at the school office for a replacement swimming class. We are more than happy to assist you in every small possible way.


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