Showering before entering the pool helps swimming healthy for everyone.

For many years, public health authorities have recommended the pre-swim shower. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges people to shower with soap before swimming as part of Three Steps for ALL Swimmers to Protect Against Recreational Water Illnesses.  Yet, about 44 percent of people do not believe it is necessary to shower before going in the pool.  Only 32 percent of respondents surveyed say they always shower before swimming.

Why Shower before Swimming?

A thorough shower with soap helps remove perspiration, body oils, cosmetics and traces of urine, fecal matter and perspiration  on the body.

The pre-swim shower helps minimize the irritating, smelly substances formed in pool water when impurities introduced from the bodies of swimmers combine with chlorine.  Many people identify that smell as the smell of chlorine.   The survey found 38 percent of people believe the characteristic chemical odor of some swimming pools in an indicator of a clean pool. In fact, that ammonia-like odour is not from chlorine, but from irritants produced when chlorine reacts with impurities. A well-managed pool has no strong chemical smell.

When swimmers shower away impurities (and focus on the perianal area or groin area, armpits, feet and hair) they help reduce the risk of waterborne illnesses, such as diarrhea, swimmer’s ear and skin infections.  Fecal matter, in particular, contains germs that may be ingested when swimmers swallow contaminated water.

Chlorine and other swimming pool disinfectants help protect swimmers from waterborne germs, but germ destruction is not instantaneous. Additionally, if chlorine is chemically bound to high levels of impurities in the pool, it may be unavailable to carry out its intended task of destroying germs in the water.

At AquaBambinos Swim School, our pool water is treated by salt-chlorinator.  Chlorine is produced by passing electricity through the salted water to split the salt molecules into sodium ion and chlorine ion thereby killing the waterborne germs.   The amount of chlorine produced is limited as compared to public pools.



We seek your kind understanding and therefore please shower to protect yourself and your children!!!