Swim School Profile


Who We Are

We are two moms with our own bundles of joy who believe that swimming is an invaluable life-skill that will enable our kids to enjoy the water safely and confidently. We wanted to share that with other moms too, so that was how AquaBambinos Swim School was born!

Benefits of Swimming

By teaching your kids how to swim, they can reap the multiple benefits of swimming:


1) Psycho-motor

  • strengthens the cardio-respiratory system and boosts stamina
  • improves balance and posture
  • heightens concentration, intelligence and alertness abilities

2) Emotional

  • fosters increased sense of confidence, independence and self-esteem

3) Social

  • encourages bonding with parent or caregiver in the pool
  • develops social skills through peer interaction in class

Water Safety

Is Your Child Ready?

In Singapore, death by drowning is one of the leading causes of death, due to unintentional injury in the pediatric age group.

To lower the incidences of drowning, the National Water Safety Council (NWSC) has been emphasising the importance of aquatic safety education and swim lessons.

Teaching your kids to swim is like arming them with a solid education in life, so that you ensure they are well-equipped to get off to a good start be it in life or in the water!