An infant is defined as age 6 months to 12 months old and toddler is from 13 to 36 months old.  However, to make things simple we usually call them baby.

At AquaBambinos Swim School, we basically name this group as baby swimming classes or parent accompanied classes.

Wonder what does a baby swimming class entails?  No matter, we will describe each activity and elaborate on it with different posts.  For those who are deciding to join AquaBambinos Swim School, below are the activities for babies who are new to our pool in a thirty-minute time period.

1.  Water Entry – What is the safe way to enter the pool with your baby?

2.  Starting Song – Helping child and yourself to ease into the class and pool.

3.  Toy Chase – Encouraging your child to pick up toys and movement in the pool.

4.  Passing of Baby – Building trust between the teacher, child and parent.

5.  Humpty Dumpty – Developing correct technique when plunging into the water.

6.  Star Float – Developing spatial sense of having oneself floating on water.

7.  Finishing Song – Yeah! Happy times are over.  See you in the next session.

The details of the activities will be posted soon.